Investors do not pay any personal tax on income or gains, but ISAs may pay unrecoverable tax on income from stocks and shares received by the ISA managers.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Stocks and Shares ISAs invest in Corporate bonds; stocks and shares and other assets that fluctuate in value.

Existing Investments

  • You may already have an investment portfolio which includes Stocks & Shares ISAs, Onshore Bonds and Unit Trust / OEICs.
  • We can perform an analysis of these plans to assess their performance, suitability and tax efficiency

New Investments

  • With inflation currently higher than many bank account interest rates, you may be considering long-term investing to negate the effects of inflation
  • Whether you are looking to invest surplus income or a lump sum, we can provide you with a suitable investment vehicle to meet your investment needs and attitude to risk
  • We can invest you in an underlying investment to produce capital growth and / or income, in-line with your requirements